Demko has represented the highest quality in luxury and organic bed, organic mattress, bedroom, hotel furniture and orthopaedic bed-system design and manufacturing for over 30 years. The company has won more than 20 design awards and our revolutionary orthopaedic bed-system has been developed and used in spine and sport injury clinics.

Our furniture is constructed using only solid hardwoods of the highest quality. We use American Black Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Pear and Beech amongst others; we source fabric and leather from the finest Italian producers and specialist paper webbing from Belgium to complete the luxury nature of our products.

Our unique bed-system technology has been used in spine hospitals and sport injury clinics for the rehabilitation of recently operated patients with spine and locomotor system diseases. The remedial and preventative qualities of the Demko bed-system go beyond any health benefits of other orthopaedic bed-systems, memory foams or box sprung mattresses. Furthermore, it gives the ultimate comfort for all age ranges.

In addition to the outstanding orthopaedic nature of the Demko bed-system we only use 100% organic mattresses to complete our beds. Our mattresses are 100% organic, they do not contain any metal such as springs or any chemicals such as those found in memory foams. Plus, clinical tests have proven the superiority of their orthopaedic, supportive and durability qualities compared to other mattresses. We use only organic latex, coir fibre, wool and cotton to produce our mattresses.

We feel that the above mentioned features can fully satisfy the ever-growing demands of customers who are seeking luxurious, back care and organic beds and bedrooms.


Furniture is not simply a functional object. It expresses the personality of the manufacturer and the customer. Our focus is to create timelessly beautiful shapes and long-lasting products that will help you to create an inspiring home. Trends come and go, but high-quality craftsmanship lasts. Our commitment to quality starts with the selection of the raw materials and continues with our first-class service.

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