The core feature of the Demko Bed-System is the multi-directional, independently moving, double row slat base under the mattress. Its special finish and suspension means they are able to carry out vertical, transverse and rotational movement. This means they can move in all 3 dimensions depending on the customer’s body shape to make perfect weight shifting.

Firm Bed
Firm Bed
Soft Bed
Soft Bed
Demko Bed
Demko Bed

Lying on a too soft bed on our side the spine bends onto the bed and the muscles slacken on the concave side, during which

  • the vertebrae and the bones degenerate
  • bone sediment forms on their corners
  • the muscle becomes taut on the convex side and the arteries running through the muscles become compressed
  • the blood supply deteriorates and neither can the used blood pass out through the compressed veins and lymph vessels
  • pains like muscular strain occurs when we wake up.
  • the tensioned muscles and ligaments become stretched, thus their holding effect is weakened during physical activity during the day

The situation is very similar on a too firm bed, but the negative effect occurs in a different section.

straight back

This shock-absorbing slat base allows for perfect support of the spine and for ultimate comfort at the same time.

back pain

The slat base adapts perfectly to the shape of the body and gives perfect, equal support to the spine along its full length. The vertebral discs will take up the optimal position during sleep, thus decreasing the load strain and thereby ensuring that no harmful tension points develop. The blood supply of the muscles surrounding the spine and the area around the joints will be perfect as well.

back pain

The spaces between the slats allow the necessary ventilation for self-cleaning of the mattress, which means fewer allergies as well as perfect temperature control.

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The Bed-Systems come with our 100% organic, natural latex mattresses. They are designed to take advantage of the orthopedic benefits of the Bed-System and to give you the ultimate comfort.